Stay Healthy & Grow With Your Community

Keep track of your personal and your child’s health, and share your pregnancy journey experiences with other pregnant women and mothers-to-be.


Support, Care & Education on Health Challenges in Pregnancy

ExpectAid is an online platform that provides a full package of services for pregnant women, supporting them through the challenging process of pregnancy and childbirth.

Virtual Care

In case of need for taking any actions based on the collected data, appointment sessions can be booked with registered nurses with broad level of expertise, to receive personal and actionable insights.

Blood Sugar Control

Bluetooth blood sugar level control integrated with smart data collection and monitoring panel on the platform, to monitor and detect early signs of gestational diabetes.

Mood Tracker

Daily tests are available on the platform for pregnant women. They can take the tests regularly to screen and control mental health and detect symptoms of complications such as depression.

Guide & Support

Vetted knowledgebase on mental health complications, gestational diabetes, meal plans, mindfulness, and more; together with a community of women who can share their experiences and advice with one another.

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Keep track of your physical and mental health during pregnancy


Track your health during pregnancy

Blood Sugar Control and Monitor

Bluetooth blood glucose meter integrated with ExpectAid online platform to collect and show your data in an easy-to-evaluate format and track early symptoms of gestational diabetes

Mood Tracker

Simple questionnaires to find your daily mood, notice continuing or changing patterns in your mood by your answers, and make smart suggestions regarding habits, mindfulness, and better lifestyle practices.

Vetted Knowledgebase

Knowledgebase created by health professionals to guide and educate you on prenatal details and regular issues such as gestational diabetes, mental health complications, diet and lifestyle, and more.

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We Care For Your Health

Our team of professional and registered nurses with broad level of expertise, including gestational diabetes and women’s mental health are here to help.

By  getting a premium subscription to our platform, you can book for virtual sessions with a registered nurse to receive personal and actionable insights, and get further medical referrals if necessary.



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